Online petition in South Korea presents bill of impeachment for President Moon Jae-In


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moonjaein by loonatheworld is licensed under Creative Commons CC PDM 1.0

A petition on the South Korean Blue House Petition website which calls for the impeachment of liberal President Moon Jae-In has amassed 243,450 signatures, a report said.

The petition was posted on April 30 and it will collect support until May 30, the East Asia Research Center reported.

The petition calls on national assembly representatives to introduce a Motion to Impeach the president, citing five reasons:

1. Although President Moon Jae-In is the Commander-in-Chief of the South Korean military, he condones and ignores North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, is making South Korean citizens potential hostages of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, and is weakening our military readiness, although North Korea has not denuclearized. These actions are against common sense.

2. Although President Moon Jae-In has been bragging about his being a human rights lawyer, he does not say anything about unconstitutional killing, incarceration, forced labor, and torture that occur under the dictatorial regime of North Korea. Koreans in North Korea are undeniably citizens of the Republic of Korea, according to our constitution. However, President Moon Jae-In has never publicized it and tries his best to not displease the North Korean regime.

3. Numerous countries in the world are calling for strengthening sanctions against North Korea and meticulously monitoring North Korea’s illegal transshipments of oil and coal. However, what did President Moon Jae-In do last year? Didn’t he smuggle North Korea’s coal into South Korea and operate coal power plants, and then (when caught) say it was merely the mistake of individuals, not a problem on a national level? In addition, the world is participating in implementing sanctions against North Korea, but South Korea is taking actions against the sanctions.

4. President Moon Jae-In has been condoning the illegal manipulation of public opinion committed by Druking and Kim Kyoung-soo, the governor of South Gyeongsang Province. In particular, Druking already self-confessed that he had been acting illegally before the presidential election. Because of Druking’s manipulation of public opinion, we lost a competent candidate, Ban Ki-Moon. One can plainly see the activities of manipulating public opinion in online cafes on Daum and Naver; President Moon Jae-in and the current South Korea government are condoning these activities. Condoning crimes is as if they are participating in those crimes.