About Liberty Metron

Liberty Metron offers readers in Japan and the Asian Pacific region the news, analysis and commentary that the mainstream media missed or buried.
Its publishers are committed to the free flow of information throughout the nation and between East and West.
After all, Freedom of the Press is a universal ideal.
Liberty Metron believes that the war of idea cannot be fairly waged in either local or global arenas when the major media are centrally controlled or dominated by group-think.
As an advocate of the Free Press, Liberty Metron challenges the unchecked power and propaganda of closed systems and authoritarian governments everywhere.
Conservative perspectives, which are often censored by establishment power centers, are essential in the competitive marketplace of ideas that all free societies need in order to flourish.
Liberty Metron sees its role as both crucial and exhilarating as it connects readers in Japan to likeminded people in neighboring nations, in the United States, and around the world.